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Category: Parivahan Vehicle National Registration E-Service, Permit, Taxes, Fitness, Enforcement Vehicle National Registration E-Service, Permit, Taxes, Fitness, Enforcement is a government of India portal for registration of Vehicles in India. Currently there are total around 210 million vehicles are digitized till now at this website. This website provides you different services such as Vehicle National Registration E-Service, providing National Permit, Paid Vehicle Search and Vehicle status. In this blog we will give you information about this blog in detailed so that you will be aware of many things about government blog. For registering your vehicle on VAHAN then visit below site:-


National Register E-Service by for Registered Vehicles

Below we have provided the list of terms or things used by for managing it’s huge database and functioning.

  1. National Register
  2. State Register
  3. Computerization
  4. Connectivity

1st of all National Register: – It will consist of selective data flown from the State Register to National Register. It will be central repository as it will have crucial and critical data of whole nation together. Also users of this National register are Police Department, RTO/MLO/DTO, G2C services as well as inner state check post.

2nd is State Register: – The data snapshot at RTO will directly drive into State Register so that there will be no need of any 3rd party or database for data validation. State Register will work as central repository for RTO, police department, G2C services and Automobile dealers.

3rd is Computerization:- All the Software required for the smooth working of VAHAN has been implemented in all state around 96% computerization is done and remaining is also on the fast track in all over India.

4th Connectivity: – Every RTO of each state must be connected with the State register for that sufficient infrastructure is developed in many states. For that network is established with required bandwidth capability for data transfer from RTO to State Registers.

Services list provided by VAHAN.NIC.IN Official Website of Government of India

Mainly below 5 services are provided on the official portal by CMVR that is Central Motor Vehicle regulation one who which governs State Transport Department under which VAHAN and RTO come. And those services are as below:-

  • Vehicle registration
  • Permit
  • Taxes
  • Fitness
  • Enforcement

Now we will have a look on each of them above listed one by one.

  1. Vehicle Registration

It does not mean only vehicle registration will be done in this services but there are many other services such as ownership change, address change, new vehicle registration and also renewal of old vehicle registration this all come under this service which is provided online by VAHAN.

  1. Permit

It means users can apply for National Permit and Interstate permit for their vehicles. Also they can renew their expired or expiring permit of vehicle here.

            Apply For Vehicle Permit

  1. Taxes

Here you can calculate your state wise tax for your registered vehicle and also you can pay it online on this portal only.

  1. Fitness

You will be receiving new or renewal of Fitness certificate for your Vehicle on this get your fitness certificate of your vehicle here:-

           Certificate of Fitness for your Vehicle

  1. Enforcement

In case of penalty or challan you can pay the particular amount for your wrong behaviour cause the penalty against you.
 :: Parivahan Sewa (Sarathi) – RC & License Status


This official website of Government of Indian which include facilities of Ministry of Road Transport and Highways which controls thousands of RTO offices of India Country with having main moto of Driving License Facility with the help of this official portal of transport you can get information about any region or any city RTO which include where to Apply Driving License Application as per states and city and it subject to Provision and Permissions which help to get details after you buy vehicle such as vehicle category has which type of License should user has to use and this website provide you automate all vehicle registration and activities related to license like renew of Driving license, convert learning licence into permanent license considering state vehicle transport movement.



Parivahan Sewa Sarathi -> Online Service -> Sarathi Service

Main facility of Parivahan is Sarathi which is also official government site and using this site you can apply for Driving License in that there are few steps you have to follow: you have book slot for Learning Driving Licence after you apply for License by filling application you have to submit Application to RTO Office then verification of document will be done by Officer of RTO then you have give Examination which is based on simple traffic logo or sign and basic knowledge of driving and when you pass this test then after two month of time you allow to apply Permanent License then they will give you date and time you have to arrive in RTO office after that you have to drive vehicle whether two wheeler or four wheeler and when you pass this stage then you will get your permanent License by post send by Government of India.

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Parivahan Online Service

  • Vahan Service -> Online Service -> Vahan Service:

Which means Vehicle service under this you have given so many different option such as Pay your tax you can pay Road Tax which the help of E payment, RTO tax Refund, Transfer possible, Application For Fitness certificate and Fitness Balance fee and if submit application related to vahan you can check status of from by click on Status/reprint then Know Your Application Status along with two option reprint receipt and checking pending transaction. And if you wanted to book appointment there is one more option with cloud sign click on Book appointment button and also after booking appointment for proof you have option reprint receipt.

  • Check Post -> Online Service -> Check Post

It is used to pay online tax payment of vehicles in which owner of vehicle can deposit tax from any access point and you can do this payment using net banking which avoid to visit office and pay tax physically, first you have to enter user id and application then go for payment option in that by clicking on pay tax you will redirect to payment process and you can also check transaction status and after paying tax you can print payment receipt and its details

  • Fancy Number -> Online Service -> Fancy Number

When you buy any vehicle after some day you automatically get number of your vehicle following state and city number which was submitted by showroom owner where you buy vehicle and there is service for people who want choice number or fancy number, to get fancy number like 6 66 5 55 you have to first give idea to Bike showroom then you to fill from which is of getting fancy number along with this you have to give check with some fixed amount then there will be auction system if there are more than one buyer want same number and buyer who have bid more amount will get number and if there is no buyer for same number then you will get number without any process.

  • Vehicle Details rcdl status -> Online Service -> Know Your vehicle Details

This service allow you to get complete information about your vehicle such rc number, vehicle registration number and rcdl status. Put registration number and mobile number

  • License Details -> Online Service -> Know Your License details

After visiting this page you to get details about license you have to enter Licence Number and mobile number after clicking at submit button you will get all information about your licence.

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